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Travel Executives goal is to create memorable travel experiences and to give our clients the best value and service for their money. Whether you’re interested in a weekend to Atlanta, a World Cruise or anything in between , we take extra care of the details so that you have the travel experience that’s perfect for you!

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"Don't hold back on telling us about your likes and dislikes. It's what makes the trip feel like it was orchestrated, as opposed to just happening."

Jan & Ken Peterson have over 30 years travel industry experience and have traveled extensively throughout the world in order to bring our clients current travel information and insider knowledge. We know the importance of being experienced travelers and we pride ourselves on our continuing travel education through travel seminars, online programs and personal travel experience.

Travel Executives will always strive to provide you with the best possible service and competitive rates for your travel needs. We invite you to browse our site, pick up the phone and call us. We look forward to having the opportunity to help you plan your next adventure.

Confidence:  When you have a relationship with us, you'll rest easy knowing your personal preferences are reflected in every aspect of each vacation experience we design especially for you.

We create unique travel experiences to places we love for people we like, and how we get you there is just as important as the destination..!

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