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Is there a more unbelievably beautiful place on earth than this small chunk of paradise south of Naples?  Maybe...but not many.  The Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, and the islands of Capri and Ischia have been among the most popular travel destinations since the early Greeks settled the area over 2300 years ago.  They came, they conquered...and they stayed!

Sooner or later every travel agent is going to be asked to organize a trip to the area...and the work better be perfect because every client who goes there is expecting sunshine, relaxation and a touch of romance without any disruption to the dream.

So, here's the nuts and bolts of the things we can help you with:

Many clients think they want to spend a week in one place in the area...can be ok for those who are laid-back and just want to soak up the sun.  But for more active clients, consider moving them around - 2 or 3 days in Sorrento, 2 or 3 on the Amalfi Coast - 1 or 2 on one of the islands.  So...that's the list of special ingredients.  It's how you combine them into an incredible vacation package that is what makes the difference.  Our team of Italy travel experts can help you put it together, oh so artfully.


Italy - The Lake District

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The Lake District in northern Italy is renowned for its beauty and hospitality. And, no wonder. These long finger-like lakes penetrate the Italian and Swiss Alps so their mirrored surfaces reflect back the green and blue slopes and the ever changing skies in a way that dazzles the senses and create a sense of immersion in a world apart. The Lakes are, in a word, an idyllic, romantic, playful and magical landscape.

The Lake District is one of the longest settled areas of Europe - and one of the most fought over. The Celts were the first to arrive but then came the Roman legions and after them, in a long succession of changing fortunes, the barbarian tribes that crashed into Italy from the north, and all the war makers who came after, from the Holy Roman Emperor to Napoleon, right up to the Nazi armies of World War II. Only the immemorial lakes remained serene; the long suffering inhabitants patient for the return of their gorgeous peace.

There are three principal lakes from west to east: Maggiore in Piemonte Region, Como in Lombardia north of Milan, and Garda which is nestled into three regions: Lombardia on its west side, the Veneto on its east side and Trentino Region on its northern end. But there are smaller lakes too - Orta near Maggiore, Varese between Maggiore and Como, Iseo between Como and Garda...each of them a welcoming, wonderful place to vacation.

Your can plan a few wonderful days on any (or all) of the Lakes whether you arrive from southern Italy, France, Switzerland or Austria. You can start your journey in Venice, Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin or Genoa. You can rent a villa or stay in a beautiful lake side hotel. You can dine sumptuously of the local cuisine or eat simply on a lakeside terrace. You can rent a boat or swim. You can stroll the alleys of the town where you stay and use the lake ferries to visit the other villages dotted along the shores. You can join bike or walking tours, or, for the vigorous, hike or ski the mountains depending on the season.

Naturally, Italy for is well-connected in the Lake District...and we can help you create a fantastic itineraries for you, whether you want to focus entirely on the Lake District, or enjoy longer itineraries that will take you to places, east, west, north or south.

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